Matthew is the author of the Florida Keys Adventure Series. He’s always had a deep-rooted love for adventure and the ocean. He loves traveling, diving, rock climbing and writing adventure novels.



My books would be painful to read if it weren’t for the skillful and thorough copyediting performed by Eliza Dee. You can find info on her services at: clioediting.com


Nancy Brown – Nancy has incredible attention to detail. She’s always a pleasure to work with and exceeds my expectations with every book. You can reach her at: nancybrownproof@gmail.com

Donna Rich – Donna performs the final pass before I hit publish. She’s always prompt and has a very keen eye for overlooked mistakes. You can reach her at: donnarich@me.com


Ever wonder who creates the terrific sketches in my books? I have the talented Pablo to thank for them. You can find his Fiverr gigs at: www.fiverr.com/pablomfz


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