Menace in the Keys

A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 17)

A mysterious group of modern-day pirates has descended upon the Florida Keys…

Like buccaneers of old, the violent outlaws strike fast, hard, and without mercy. Stealing and pillaging whatever they can. But unlike bygone swashbucklers, the cunning criminals utilize advanced modern technology and bribes to fuel their vast, intricate, well-oiled operation.

When an attack strikes close to home and results in the death of a local, former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge can no longer turn a blind eye to the mayhem. Going on the offensive, Logan finds himself pitted against the deadly array of lowlifes who threaten not just his family and friends, but the fate of the entire island chain.

Evil is rampant, and Logan Dodge is on the hunt in this action-packed, high-octane, explosive adventure in the Florida Keys. Regardless of who comes out on top, one thing’s certain: life in the Conch Republic will never be the same.

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